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Conference Minutes

          They are documents in which the contributions or presentations of a congress, meeting, conference, symposium, colloquium, or round table are integrated. In Revista Cadena de Cerebros these documents are accepted in which it is possible to add all the papers of the participants of an academic event in their extended version.


          n the case of conference minutes, a maximum length of the document or a maximum number of papers is not requested, a maximum or minimum number of references is not requested for each paper and they are not subject to peer review, but are evaluated by the editor-in-chief, executive editors, an associate editor and director of legal affairs for this journal. 

          It is requested that the presentation of the minutes and each of their presentations be accompanied by a summary of no more than 250 words in both Spanish and English, in addition to a maximum of 5 keywords in both languages. Documents are not required to follow a predetermined structure; however, it is recommended that in the presentation of the minutes general characteristics are described such as: background, the objectives of the event, the causes that motivated its organization, the natural or legal person who organized the event, the place where it was held, among others. 
          Only in the case of those academic events in which attendance has been charged, a fee of between 3 and 5% of the total income paid by attendees will be charged, which will be determined by the editors of this journal according to the characteristics of the minutes; The cost will depend on the length of the complete document, the cost per ticket for the attendees and the total number of attendees. In case of academic events of free entry or collection of recovery fees (symbolic contributions), the publication of the minutes will have no cost. 
          Before sending the minutes of the academic event to this journal to search for its publication, we suggest you contact the editorial team through the following email:

          In the message, comment on the general characteristics of the event, such as: full title, type of event, theme and topics of interest, date(s) of celebration, venue, number of papers presented, payment for attendance at said meeting, financing of the event and the event organizer (specify whether it is a natural person or a legal entity). The editors will indicate which documents must accompany their minutes, as well as the editorial process that will follow. 
          If the event was organized by a legal entity, such as a government agency, educational institution, civil association or a company, it is recommended that the person who sends the request for publication of the minutes attach an official document issued by the corresponding body in which authenticates their work or position within the organization. 
          Otherwise, if the organization was carried out by one or more natural persons, for example, a group of teachers or students from an educational institution, a document certifying their work or position in an organization is not necessary. 
          The publication of conference minutes is carried out in conjunction with a number of this journal, but as a supplement, without it representing a predetermined section of the usual content. The supplements are added to the end of the corresponding number and their numbering is done with the letter "S" followed by the consecutive Arabic number, for example: S81, S82, S83...

EVALUATION TYPE: Editors and Legal Affairs Area.


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